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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What More Can I Say?

Wow...these past few weeks have been beyond amazing to say the very least. As a matter of fact, the past month has been a blast. Sure it had a few rough moments, but as always God gets you through your bad moments, and oddly enough makes em great moments.

The awesomeness began a few days before the month began with NewSpring's Live Free, Live Loud event. This was my first time going to one of those, and I had to make a sacrifice to go. As many of you know, I'm in the professional wrestling business and I usually ring announce for MAXW and sometimes run camera for Alternative Pro Wrestling aswell as NWA Anarchy. Well, since last November, I can honestly say that my heart wasnt in it anymore. For a few shows, I pretty much forced myself to go, but wasnt having any fun with it. I think the main reason it bugged me is because in one organization, there are too many egos. Especially one person with an ego who shouldnt even have one because well...he sucks. And thats the bottom line. But that man just kept getting on my last friggen nerve, wanting me to make him posters, dvds and what not that nobody is gonna buy except for his wife and kids. Basically, a waste of my time. But yeah, that upon other things officially got me burnt out with the wrestling business. Dont get me wrong, I still love wrestling and still plan on opening my own organization sooner or later. But right now, I just needed to take a break. And God gave me that opportunity the weekend of June 28th when I had a decision to make. Either go be bored out of my mind ring announcing for what would be the last MAXW event, or go to Live Free, Live Loud. Obviously I prayed on this decision among other decisions, and of course...I went to Live Free, Live Loud and I must say that I had an AMAZING time. Without a doubt one of the best concerts I've been too. Next year, I highly recommend all of you to go check it out.

Now...onto what was probably one of the greatest life changing weeks of my ENTIRE life. Two weeks ago, I had the privilege to go to an event that NewSpring has with our youth known as The Gauntlet 2k8. And I have to say, it was without a shadow of a doubt, the GREATEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! I got to go with the Middle Schoolers, but unfortunatly was unable to go with the High Schoolers. But you best believe, never year I'm going both weeks. And those that are members of NewSpring and have never been to the Gauntlet, I highly recommend that you go. Being there with these kids opens up your eyes to ALOT. These kids are the FUTURE of this world. Like Perry Noble said, if you think the youth of today are pitiful and pathetic YOU ARE AN IDIOT!! The youth of today are hungry. As a matter of fact, no. They are STARVIN to hear not only God's word, BUT THE TRUTH! THESE KIDS HAVE BEEN LIED TO FOR SOOOO FRIGGEN LONG! As a matter of fact, not just these kids, but WE have been lied to for so long by these corporate churches. These denominations giving out nothing but rules instead of love to these kids. Heck, I look back at the times when I was apart of a Baptist church and see that I've been bamboozled for sooo many years. Dont get me wrong, I dont regret them times at all though. When I look at it, looking back at those times to where I'm at now spiritually, it helped me grow. But its sad to see alot of these kids going through the same thing that me and my friends did when we were their age. All we as the people want to know is the truth. We dont care about no dang business meetings. We could care less about what color toilet paper you have in the bathroom. Could care less about what kinda seats to use. Dont even mention no elections because the pulpit is NOT the place to discus your political views. And we're SICK AND TIRED of hearing the exact same stuff over and over again. This is why I LOVE NewSpring so much. The agenda of NewSpring is to spread the truth to the youth, and to bring you God's word the way it was ment to be. Basically, we're here to do God's work. And I can honestly say that at the Gauntlet 2k8, God's work without a shadow of a doubt was done. God touched the lives of the kids, aswell as all of us leaders. It was just BEYOND amazing.

One thing I definetly wanna talk about is one of the kids that was in my group by the name of Jordan Grindstaff. When I first met this kid on Monday afternoon for some odd reason, he seemed special to me. I had 7 other kids aswell as him in my room, 2 who I knew, and 5 who I just met for the first time. But Jordan just seemed like someone I should keep my eye on. Didnt know why til later on in that week. That Tuesday night, we had an amazing message brought to us and it touched every single one of the kids, but it seemed to confuse Jordan. That night I had a long talk with him and he was telling me how he almost didnt believe in God period. He believed in the Evolution theory and all of that other stuff(I gotta say this real quick for those that do believe in Evolution. Why do you? I mean, The Bible has been the same from the beginning and its gonna be the same until the end. Evolution has been talked about for years, and if its supposed to be real, why is it still a dang THEORY? Its nowhere near a fact. Just a little somethin to think about. ^_^). But he really wanted to know what was up with this God stuff. So God laid it on my heart to talk to this kid. And needless to say, we talked for a looong time. So long that the rest of the kids were almost able to destroy the living room. lol But thats alright though because it was well worth it. The next morning, I talked to some of the other leaders while we were getting our coffee, and I just begged them to pray for him. And we all prayed for this kid. That exact same night, Wednesday July 16th, 2008 will forever be a moment that I will never forget as long as I live. Perry brought another message and I know for a fact that God talked to Jordan the ENTIRE message. That night, Jordan accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Needless to say, I was the happiest man in that entire BUILDING. Heck, I was the happiest man in the world at that moment. And the next day, Thursday July 17th, Jordan followed Christ in Baptism along with 102 other people. It was beyond amazing to say the very least. The video of Jordan getting Baptized is on my facebook page as we speak, so if you wanna check it out, def do that.

The rest of the week was CRAZY though. I never thought I'd be able to have the opportunity to be apart of wild games like we had that week though. I almost lost my voice on the first day, but it hung on. Second day, voice was sayin "Asta La Vista". Third day it was strugglin by a thread. Fourth and last day...FLATLINED! My voice was officially dead after the Final Gauntlet. But I can honestly say it was WELL worth it with my peoples WINNIN! THATS RIGHT, ITS ALL ABOUT THE REEEEED SQUAAAAAAD! And who would think that the High School week, Red Squad would win AGAIN! Holla atcha boi, we wasnt playin. So you best believe tomorrow night at FUSE*, we are gonna just glooooat, gloat gloat gloat gloat. Gotta represent though. But we all know that the true winner of the week was our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. It was the greatest weeks of my life. If you want to read more about The Gauntlet and get other views on it, I def recommend that you check out Perry Noble's blog at http://www.perrynoble.com aswell as Brad Coopers blog at http://www.bradcooper.us/.
Well, if you thought that those 2 weeks would be the end of it...THEN YOU THOUGHT WRONG! Thats right, FUSE* makes its RETURN tomorrow night, and to say that I'm excited about it is a DEEP understatement. Its going to be emotional though as this will be the last week for our Seniors(those that just graduated from High School a few months ago). Its gonna be hard to see them go, but hopefully there will be alot of them that decide to stick around and help volunteer with us. I'd be more than happy to have one of them seniors start volunteering with me, and have them be able to lead the next generation of the Just Us League. Its also decision making time as those of us that are leaders now are about to get ready to decide whether to stick with the grade that we are at and lead those that are moving up into our grade, or to stick with our students and move up with them. All I can do is definetly ask God what he wants me and the rest of us to do, and we'll just do what he says.

All in all, God has been working LOTS of miracles and giving us many blessings knowing that none of us deserve a single one. God is an amazing father and I love him with all of my heart. And he already spoke to me saying that if I thought this month was amazing, just look forward to the rest of your life. Next month I can already tell is going to be beyond amazing. Like I said FUSE* is about to be off the charts, a bunch of new Arcade games are about to drop on XBox Live, and a very special friend of mine comes home on the 16th. Needless to say, I CANT WAIT!

So yeah, what more can I say? Until next time, I'm out. God bless and I'll holla at ya later. Peace!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Whats good kinfolk. Well, as you can see I'm finally making my return to posting on this thing. And well, let me first apologize for not being on here since....good lawd, February? Well, that almost seems about right, because it was back in February when I slipped up again. Yeah, needless to say, these past few months have been pretty messed up.

Around the middle of February, I had gotten back into an addiction that I've pretty much been trapped in since late my 9th grade year. I was cool for about...3 months. Didnt look at a single picture or a single vid. And then for some odd reason, somethin just snapped inside of me and I got right back into that mess. I've talked to a few of my closest friends and they know exactly what that thing was. Note that was is the key phrase in that statement. I'll get into that later.

Also, I've been doing alot of thinking in my life. As many of you know, I had a dream of being in the professional wrestling business. My life was pro wrestling. And well, dont get me wrong I'd still love to run my own wrestling organization in the future, but thats after I have enough money to be able to afford it. But right now, it isnt the time.

Basically what I'm getting at is there are alot of changes that I've been needing to make. And it took God speaking through not only a Student Ministry leader, but through my kids, and looking into a special persons eyes...that made me realize that I needed to change.

For a month at New Spring, on Wednesday night we've been doing a series called I <3 Change. And basically, its about cleansing ourselves and admitting all of our dirty habits that are not only displeasing to God, but could eventually hurt other people in the process. For 12 years, I thought this thing I was addicted to wouldnt effect anyone except for myself. Then I talked to one of my Just Us League commanders(for those that dont know, the Just Us League is my 6th Grade Small group)...who was going through the EXACT same thing I'm goin through. To say that bothered me is a deep understatement. I got involved in this stuff in 9th grade. He got involved in it in 6th grade. So yeah, that hurt me DEEPLY. And that was just one of the things that helped me open up my eyes.

I then heard a message where unless we are completely right with God, we pretty much wont go anywhere in life. I sat back and took a look at my life for the past 8 years. I'm still working at Best Buy not making ANY money, I'm still in debt, and I have 2 years before our 10 year reunion at High School and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. And I've let opportunity after opportunity slip through my fingers to get out of this mess that I'm in.

So now...after hearing those messages, and receiving these signs...I have come to realize that its time for a change. If I expect to get out of this mess that I'm in, I need to become FULLY devoted to God. Not just singing his praises, going out there and telling people about him, and all of that other stuff. I need to have my own personal life fixed aswell and I can honestly say my personal life was NOT fixed. And I can honestly say that right now, God has completely cleaned out my closet.

No more will I be looking at girls the wrong way. No longer will I be having lustful thoughts. No longer will I open myself to any type of sexual temptation. I'm still a virgin, but there have been times that I've done things that I shouldnt have. And to this VERY SECOND I feel wrong about them things. I've danced around alot of sinful stuff, and now its just time for me to get away from every single thing that was even a slight temptation.

One thing I've been able to do to help me with this is to spend more time with Christ. If you dont have a daily quiet time with Jesus Christ, I can honestly tell you that you WILL slip up. You dont have to have a specific time that you spend time with Jesus, just make it a priority to spend some time with him. No time limits. Jesus didnt make a time limit to come down here and die on the cross for us. Why should we put a time limit on reading his word. Why should we put a time stamp on when we spend time with him. You can do it whenever you feel like as long as you do it. And dont just read the Bible just to read it and to finish it. Thats one thing thats messed up Christians for so long. They think "awe, I can read through the bible in a year. I can memorize scripture"....so? Do you understand it? God could care less if you read through the entire Bible, and he couldnt even care more about how much you memorize. Whenever God hears someone quote scripture, he's probably up in Heaven doing one of them sarcastic claps saying "woo woo. The whistles go wooo" and then shaking his head in disgust. He wants us to study his word, and if it takes us 20 years to read through just 1 book in the Bible, as long as we understand it, thats all that matters. Dont believe what you've heard all these old people tellin you all these years. Read for yourself and find out what God's word really says.

Another thing that helps me out is looking at a goal. I have a goal, but I'm not going to mention it on here. But I have one particular thing that I'd love to accomplish. But thats only if its God's will. But it seems that God uses this goal to help me stay focused. So, if you have a specific goal whether it be worked related, relationship related, whatever, hand it over to God and he'll use it to help you out.

And finally, a great thing to have is accountability partners. Hopefully folks read this, so I just wanna give much love to my peeps Scott Murray, Tim Webb, Leland T, and Matt Morrison. You guys have helped me out so much within the past month. You've helped me become not only a better man, but a better Christ Follower, and I thank God every day for giving me friends like you. There are others aswell, but you 4 have helped me out so much and theres no way that I can thank you enough. To everyone that helps out with Student Ministry, from Brad Cooper, Crys, Brittney, Ashley, David Fisher, David Hall, Andrew Sentel, and so many others. Thank you, for all of your help, all of your messages, and for being true friends to me. For looking out for me and always helping me out in everything, even when you dont even know it, God used you to help me aswell as many others. And to my Just Us League, you peeps are my family. You're all like my baby brothers and I love each and every one of ya like you're my baby brothers. And hopefully, if its God's will...whenever I have kids, I want them to have atleast a little bit of qualities from each of ya. But you best believe they not gonna be gettin no energy drinks. LOL

So yeah, thats pretty much my life in a nutshell right now. I'm still working on fixing up my life, but I know God's gonna take care of that. I'm stepping down from the wrestling industry for a while, and I'm also gonna see what God has instore for me job wise. Right now I seriously HATE working at Best Buy. But, something happened this past week so who knows whats instore there. I know this much though. Next time God opens up a door for me....I'm not gonna let it shut in my face. Its time to do what God wants me to do.

Well, until next time, I'll holla at yall later. Peace Out!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Throwback Thursdays!!

Yeah, I know I missed it last week. Oddly enough I forgot all about it after such a crazy week. But anyway, Throwback Thursdays is back and I got another hot one for ya that not many folks probably remember. And oddly enough it was a GREAT cartoon. Just didnt last long at all. But here it, the intro to "Captain Bucky O'Hare". Show was BANGIN! Check it out!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wow, What A Week.

Well, this past week has been very interesting to say the absolute very least. Ever since Sunday, my eyes have slowly become open to a whole lot of things and I honestly believe that God is showing me things that I never could have ever imagined. So lets take a look back at this past week.

Let us begin with this past Sunday morning when I was at New Spring Church. Perry spoke on a message speaking about being stuck in a certain spot...job wise. As you all know, I have been frustrated with Best Buy for a VERY long time. Ever since Dawn, Brotha J(James Burgess), and alot of the Best Buy 520 originals left, it almost feels like they're targeting all of us veterans. But I know God has got my back so I try not to let it bother me. But when I looked at my schedule for this coming week and see that they have me closing Sunday night, I was about to say "Enough is enough" and walk to heck out. I cant do that though because I'm too friggen deep in debt. I'm talkin about so deep that right now I couldnt even pay one of my credit card bills this month. And my phone bill gettin jacked up so friggen high that I may end up having to get my cell phone cut off. So its definetly a fact that I cant leave Best Buy yet. So yeah, I'm definetly stuck in that position.....or am I? Could I have a purpose at Best Buy? I'll go into that later on. Lets go into the rest of the day.

Later on that night, I went to TNA's Against All Odds Pay Per View at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina. And I have definetly got to say that I had the absolute greatest time I EVER had at a professional wrestling event. And one thing that night showed me is that my love for professional wrestling still runs through my blood. I havent done much with professional wrestling since November and it almost seemed like it died out. But I can honestly say that it will NEVER die out. As a matter of fact, it feels like my love has officially come back into full form. And yes, beginning next month I will be going back to Royston, GA for Alternative Pro Wrestling. As of Wednesday night, I more than likely wont be doing anything on Friday nights anymore, so yeah. Again, I will get into that later. But yes, my love for Pro Wrestling is still alive and well.

Next we head on over to Monday where most of the day me and my baby brother(by another mother)D hung out at Planet Comics. And yeah, needless to say we had a great time up there. Played a little bit of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, got a few Transformers comics, and all sorts of stuff. And while up there, we decided to announce that there will be a Puzzle Fighter tournament at Planet Comics. The date is yet to be announced, but I am most definetly getting myself ready for that. I've done officially gotten addicted to Puzzle Fighter and I will NOT stop until I defeat Scott Jensen in this game to become the greatest Puzzle Fither champion in Anderson, SC.

Tuesday comes along, a friend of mine and myself talk on the phone for a while and we decided that we're going to open up our own graphic design business called Half-Way Rays. We talked about alot of things, like how to start up the business and all sorts of other stuff. So yeah, Tuesday was a great day aswell. Got my mind turning alot.

We then move onto Wednesday night where at Student Ministry, I felt the power of God to its fullest extent...well, atleast from what I've felt anyway. And it wasnt even in the big service. It was when we split the kids up into small groups, and my group of 6th graders PROVED to me that kids are the future Revolutionaries of Christianity. I was one of the ones as a kid that wanted to be a Revolutionary and lived it all through high school. Sure I had my bad moments such as cussing every now and then and some other things....but if someone wanted to talk about Christ, I would talk to them about it. And I would spread my love for Christ completley around school. While there were others that I went to church with who pretty much...yeah, didnt really even believe. It was a 100% front. And it really disgust me to this day that there were alot of peeps I grew up with who were "faking the funk". But this past Wednesday proved to me that the kids of today are 100% different from when I was growing up. Everyone who believes in Christ is 100% REAL! They will talk to everyone they know, and what proved to me that fact is when I just said we were gonna have a moment of prayer and whoever wants to pray can pray. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM OPENED UP THEIR HEARTS TO GOD! It was so amazing, it even made me start crying. I mean, it was just so beautiful to hear all of them kids praying and...its just beyond amazing. So I am most definetly proud to say that I am a youth volunteer at New Spring Church and anyone that wants to feel the presence of God in a way that you've never felt before...you need to get on this train. I'm tellin ya, its AWESOME!

Now onto other needs at hand. I mentioned earlier that I more than likely wont be doing anything on Friday nights anymore...that gets into this point. Later on that Wednesday night I felt joy....and depression. Let me explain. There is a good friend of mine who I care for ALOT. I look at her like she's my little sister. Have to now though because I know unfortunatly that it will never go any further. It seems to be like that with alot of girls these days....well, cant really say these days. Its always been this way. Thats honestly why I dont believe in the whole "a man should pursue a woman.", because if we do...two things will happen. 1...you'll become too close and you know for a fact that the girl will NEVER have an interest in you. Or 2...she'll shoot you down like an Iraqi plane. And believe me, I've felt number 2 more times than a man can imagine. But yeah, I got over that a long time ago, big deal. So we became best friends. Still are, without a shadow of a doubt, that'll never change. The thing that will change though is we more than likely wont get to hang out or talk anymore. Reason being is that she finally got back together with the person she loves. And I definetly gotta say that I was VERY happy for her. As a matter of fact, I was smiling from ear to ear when I found out what happened with them on Wednesday night....until I came to the realization. I more than likely wont be seein her anymore. I'll be lucky if we even talk on the phone once a week. Last time this happened, she was dating some other dude and yeah...I rarely heard from her. And at that time, I was slowly drifting away from God. Started becoming one of them Sunday peeps. Go to church Sunday, go nuts the rest of the week. And there was one point I almost got into drinking. Not hard drinking, but one of the nights that I had came home, I got home and drank a half of bottle of wine and smoked 2 cigars. Thats within an hour period. So yeah, needless to say I threw away my Straight Edge lifestyle and hit a HARD depression. But that was then...this is now. God has changed my life so much that I cant really even think about drinking or smoking. I have no need to be depressed that bad. I need to be, and I am happy for her. She's back together with the man of her dreams, and I want to be the first one at her wedding. But yeah, I unfortunatly probably wont be hearing from her as often. Thus is why I was depressed at the same time with my happiness. Maybe it wont be that way though. Maybe we'll still talk often. I dont know. All I know is this. I'm gonna let them do their thing. If she wants to talk, she knows what to do. If I call, more than likely they'll be together and I'll feel BEYOND awkward. Def dont wanna do that. Everything is still all good though and I'm def happy for both of em.

Now we switch the board over to Thursday. Thursday was of course SAD which of course means "Singles Awareness Day" or as couples like to call it, Valentines Day. I HATE this time of year with a passion. Why do I hate it you ask? Thats the stupidest question you could ever ask. Thats about as dumb as askin "Does God Exist?" You all know why I hate Valentines day. There has never been a year when I've had a Valentine. About to turn 27 in 7 days(man, I feel old), and out of all of them years....never had a Valentine. Even when I was dating someone(1 of the 2 girls I've dated), that girl wasnt even around. Probably cheatin on me, but yeah. Regardless of that though, SAD made me come to the realization...that maybe God didnt put someone on this earth for me. And usually I'm really upset about that. All this love to give...and no one to give it to. But now I'm fine with it. A year ago, I spent the whole day(well, not all day, but the part of the day that I was home.)lookin at porn(yes, I admit it. I was a porn addict for 11 years until November.). Now its like "whatever". But then the cutest thing happened. I went to a basketball game to watch Concord's girls basketball team play. Dont wanna go over how the game was because its really pointless, but one of the players on their team came up to me and gave me a hug. And during halftime, I went over there to try to pump them up and I gave her a little message and she asked me...well, nah. She TOLD me to be her Valentine. Needless to say that made my whole day yesterday. Had a pretty rough day yesterday but when she told me to be her Valentine, needless to say I fully accepted it. Too bad she's almost 10 years younger than I am, or I'd date her in a HEARTBEAT....you know what, screw it. TAKE ME TO JAIL!! I'mma get with her. Juuuuust kidding Meg. I may have to try to holla at her sister though. *wink wink* Yeah right, Satan has a better chance of gettin into Heaven then I would of gettin with Whitney. But regardless though, hangin out with the girls last night made a huge difference in my life.

Oh, and of course a new episode of Naruto Shippuden came out last night. Def made it a great night all in all. ^_^

And now onto today. Today at work just seemed to go really smooth(other than cuttin my thumb up, but yeah.). And it almost feels like God has me at Best Buy for a purpose for now. Even if I dont make alot of money....maybe its to be there to put a smile on peoples faces. Theres a few customers that'll come up in there all rude, mean muggin and stuff. But then for some odd reason after they leave, they seem to have a smile on their face after I talk to em. I'm so confused right now, I really dont know whats goin on. Should I stay or should I leave. God, whatever your will is, just let a man know. Thats all I ask.

Another thing that went down today is a voice has been beating at my heart telling me "GET THE DRWF READY! START PUTTING TOGETHER STUFF NOW!". For those that dont know, the DRWF was an internet wrestling organization I created used to run from 1999 through 2002(then taken over my homeboy Nik Madrid from 2004 to 2005). Well, for the longest, I have been wanting to actually open that organization in actual professional wrestling for a while. Been writing the wrestlers I'd like to have in it(local of course), potential venues we could be at, title belts, etc. It wasnt until Sunday night though when I started feeling that tugging on me once again when I talked to my homeboy Chris Blade. And now it seems like I really need to open this thing next year. So now I'm back to square one. Looking at potential prospects to be in this organizations. Looking at the venues(more than likely we'll be at the Boys Club in Anderson, SC.), and so much other stuff. Its time to get this bad boy started, and the countdown begins RIGHT now.

One more day to go this week, and we'll see whats gonna go down. Whatever God has instore for me tomorrow and the rest of my life, I'm more than ready for it. Definetly cant wait to see what happens from here on out.

Well, I'm out for now. I know I forgot to do Throwback Thursdays last night, but had so much goin on that I forgot. But I'll have a little somethin up later on so yall take it easy. And I'll holla at ya later. Peace!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Throwback Thursdays Debuts!!!

Well, for those of you that know me well, you all know that I'm pretty much ALL about the old school. Especially when it comes to TV. Well, now I think its about that time I showed everyone how AMAZING the old school really was. And thus is why I have now officially created...THROWBACK THURSDAYS!! Every Thursday night I will be posting a TV show intro that I used to watch as a kid which was a TON of shows. So definetly check back each week to check it out. And what better way to debut it then with one of my personal favorite yet MOST UNDERRATED cartoon of all time. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. Not many people remember this cartoon, but man it was amazing. And it had one of the greatest intros the world has ever seen. But dont take my word for it. Check it out.

Thats all for now. You can see full episodes of this cartoon on Youtube. Unfortunatly no DVDs have been released for it yet, but if they were you best believe I would own each and every single one of em. But stay tuned for next week as I'll bring you yet another throwback classic on Throwback Thursdays. Holla atcha boi!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The United Sheep Of America....

Props to my homeboy Matt Morrison for showing me this.

We the united sheep of america
We will do anything to feel accepted
We follow the crowd, even when the crowd is going nowhere
We embrace its values as our own
Even when it has none.
We intoxicate ourselves to the point of mindlessness, and give our bodies over to someone else's pleasure.
We spend our lives trying to pursue that which some call success.
Or we try to follow endless religious traditions that lead us nowhere.
We are continually filling ourselves yet we still feel empty because we forget:
Long ago a man died on a wooden cross, nails through his hands and feet, blood dripping onto the ground, in order to release us from the sheep mentality.
Love held him on that cross and cries out to us now.
The choice is ours:
We accept truth or deny Christ.
His truth chances apathy to courage,
Fear to hope
Apathy to love
Death to life.
Now is the time.
Surrender Your Life To The One Truth.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Greatest Anime Intro Of ALL TIME!

You know that you love an anime intro sooo friggen much that everywhere you go, you're singing it. And when you do sing it or even think about the intro it puts you in one of the greatest moods EVER! Well, this is my personal favorite anime intro of all time right here. The first Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei intro was awesome, but Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is just friggen AMAZING! I should have my review of this anime up on our(mine and Brittney's)sister site known as animeink. But anyway though, sit back, relax, and enjoy the greatest intro in anime history.